Spacemen reached the alpha stage and this is the first demo for you to play!
There is no manual at the moment but there will be in the next release. Meanwhile you can find info here: 

There is nothing removed in the demo except a 15 days limit.
If your license expires, just delete the [USERHOME]/Spacemen folder and you can play on.
Please note that this is an ALPHA sandbox demo edition therefor you may encounter bugs or misses.
If you want to extend the period beyond the 15 days without deleting your data or for any other issue, please contact us for a free open alpha license.
Please note you need Java in order to run this application! (Embedded starting 1.1x)

For download please use the following links (version: 1.110): 

Download Spacemen @indieDB

Download Spacemen





v0.935 February 4th, 2015:
- fixed a bug preventing NPCs from spawning
- fixed a bug preventing impact with ship shields from displaying
- added couple more assets
- fixed a bug related to negative ship health
- fixed a bug related to stardust
- added 20 music tracks

v0.990 May 8th, 2015:
- added multiplayer mode
- added more music tracks
- added more 3D assets
- fixed minor bugs

v0.992 May 11th, 2015:
- fixed bug blocking multiplayer and editor mode

v1.000 May 27th, 2015:
- players can now control carriers in multi-player

v1.017 July 17th, 2015:
- players can now build and manage stations and carriers in multi-player
- added 10 more music tracks
- GUI tweaks
- checking online for new versions
- various minor bug fixes

v1.033 August 19th, 2015:
- fixed a bug related to the license preventing demo period to work
- server can be run now headless with parameters [universe] [password]
- gui reworked now with compass and grid (default key is J)
- contacts list redone
- server messages now can be scrolled

v1.042 September 7th, 2015:
- asteroid mining added
- mining drone added
- specular light fixed
- weapon distance fixed
- water physics added
- impact sounds

v.1052 September 24th, 2015:
- you can now specify an url when starting a server from which the clients will download the custom models and textures used by your hosted universe
- AI tweaked to better avoid planets
- multiplayer fix for mining drones
- specular maps added for all the assets

v1.063 December 14th, 2015:
- projectiles reworked
- missions tuned and debugged
- builder flag for ships

v1.097 April 15th, 2016:
 - Population control debug
 - Volume controls
 - Memory leaks solved
 - Light scattering debug
 - Text to speech debug
 - Faction AI tweak
 - Faction empathy engine debug
 - Sector management tweak

v1.103 May 9th, 2016:
 - Runtime LOD control
 - JRE embed
 - Stardust fixed

v1.110 June 22nd, 2016:
- fixed multi-player issue that could prevent clients to join servers